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my day in Cuba

sunny 21 °C

Ive arrived at Jose Marti airport in Havana at 8:36 and I'm ready to start my day nice and early. I first have to stop at my hotel and drop my luggage off before I cant even start my day. I'm staying at Hotel Saratoga, The second highest rated hotel in Havana. This five star hotel will cost be $261 and includes free breakfast and wifi.Its 0.9 KM from the center on Havana meaning I'm in prime location. The hotel is around 20 minutes away from the airport. Now that I have unpacked I can now start my day off in Cuba. The first thing I noticed when entering Havana there Is a ton of classic cars and whens theres tons of classic cars that meens there has to be some tour and you bet their was. I took a tour around Havana in an old 1950 car. The tour was 2 hours and while in the cars you could see tons of attractions. The tour is over and its time to grab something to eat. Im going to go eat at a place called Casa Roma. Although I'm in Cuba I actaullly got Italian food. This place was a 4.5/5 and it specializes in Italian pizza. That's exactly what I got. I went basic and got a cheese pizza with some mushrooms, bacon and onions. Im not going to lie it was easily one of the best pizza's ive ever tasted. It wasent that expensive, it cost a total of $12 but it also came with a drink as well. Now that I'm done I'm going to visit old Havana. In old Havana I'm going to be going to Plaza Vieja. Heer you will get some of the best lemonade and also you can shop for a bit. After I'm done here I'm going to go on some sight seeing. See what I noticed about Cuba is that its your typical relaxing vaction, you wont find anything here that is Americanized everything here is all true to its culture. Cuba is an old place so if you interested in the history of places and old monuments then this place is perfect, if you not into that then I recommend avoiding it. Once I'm done touring I'm going to go look for a place to eat dinner. Im going to eat at Il Rustico. This place is known for there Carbonara, so that's exactly what what I got. It was pretty good and wasent that pricey. It was a $20. Now I'm heading back to my hotel and this ends my trip around North America. Im going to be heading to Europe next. The first place ill be going is Portugal.

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My day in Brazil

sunny 26 °C

This is my final day of my world tour and I'll be leaving Peru and head to Brazil. I did some research and saw it will take 9 hours to get from Peru to Brazil so because of that I'm leaving Peru at 3:20 am to maximize my time in Brazil. Once I arrive, I will be staying at the Portobay Rio De Janiero hotel which is $161 but has free WIFI, a pool, and free breakfast. So, once I'm done unpacking, I'm going to go eat the hotels breakfast and then officially start my day in Brazil. Now I'm in Brazil one of the most soccer driven countries so I obviously must watch a Brazil soccer match. Just like the one in Argentina its around 2 hours long and cost $110 and let me tell you something, the fans here are nuts, they are so passionate about soccer it's unreal. The next thing I have to do is visit a famous landmark which is the Christ the Redeemer statue. Standing at 38 meters tall this statue of Christ is a must see when your visiting Brazil. It's time for lunch so I'm going to go to the Confeitario Colombo which was built in the late 1800s and serves Parisian style food mainly deserts with some tea, so that’s exactly what I'm going to get. If you don’t want that the upstairs area in a buffet that has fresh foods to help satisfy your hunger. My lunch was kind of late so that’s probably all I'm going to eat since its hitting evening anytime soon. I'm going to finish my day off in downtown Rio where there are multiple stores, churches to explore and museums here. Downtown is where I can spend some cash on some things that may not be attainable back home. Once done here it's dark out meaning it's time to go back to the hotel and go for a quick swim before its time to sleep. This will be the last destination of my world tour and will be heading back to Canada on the quickest available flight. This tour was quite amazing as I learned a lot and was something I will never forget.

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My day in Peru

overcast 18 °C

I'll be leaving Argentina early this morning at around 7:00 am and will be heading to Peru and the flight will take about 4 hours long. Once I arrive at Peru the first thing like always, I'll be doing is going to my hotel. The hotel I'll be staying at is Hotel Villa Jazmin, a 4-star hotel that has free parking and free WIFI, no free breakfast but oh well, it's cheap at only costing $68 per night, so just like Argentina its very affordable. For breakfast I'm just going to go to a local shop and get a muffin with some milk and the begin my day in Peru. So today is going to be very different than all the other days because the only reason I'm here is to visit is Machu Picchu. as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu sits at the top of many bucket lists. Visitors are required to enter with an official tour guide in small groups of up to 16 people. So, I went with my group and the first thing you see is how beautiful Machu Picchu looks and how big it is, that is why this is going to be a full day thing. There are things like horseback riding (which is what I did) to things like a 4-day hike up the Inca trail. The horseback riding gives a tour of a place called the Cusco which kind of acts as the central part of Machu Picchu and what I mean by that is this is where all the locals are, and all the markets are. For lunch and dinner, I'm just going to eat some market food which just local food from Peru is. Honestly, it's hard to explain machu picchu my best advice is you have to go come here to really experience it, just reading about doesn't do justice to how amazing this place really is. My day is mainly just consisting of sightseeing and exploring Machu Picchu. Once I'm done here the day is pretty much over its already dark out, so I'll take a train back to my hotel and get ready for my last place in south America and last place of my world tour which is Brazil.

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My day in Argentina

sunny 21 °C

I'm leaving Sweden and am heading to south America. The first place I'll be visiting is Argentina. My flight from Sweden leaves at 8:30am and will take 16 hours to get there, so when I arrive it will be during the night. The hotel I'll be staying at is the circus hotel and it only cost $39 per night and I'll be staying there for 2 days, it has your standard free WIFI, free breakfast and is a 4.5-star hotel. The first thing I'll be doing in Argentina is a tour of Argentina. It’s a 3-hour tour that shows all the popular landmarks of Argentina. It's pretty affordable only costing $40 and doesn't take that much time of the day. After the tour I'm going to go on another tour but this one is a helicopter tour. The helicopter tour is 40 minutes long and gives an aerial tour of some of Argentinas oldest and historic places. Now it is a little pricey at $700 but it's well worth it c'mon it’s a helicopter ride when can you say you have done that. After the helicopter ride I'm going to watch an Argentinian soccer game. Considering there one of the top teams in the world I'm sure it's going to be a good game. The game will take around 2 hours so after that I'm going to just skip lunch and eat and early dinner, I'm going to eat at Oviedo which is a Spanish restaurant offering fantastic seafood dishes as well as several meat options. The menu has several Spanish offerings, such as Serrano ham or Spanish omelet, and a large selection of fish too. The interior is small but has comfortable booth seating. There is, of course, steak on the menu, but for those seeking something a little different, Oviedo is a great choice. I will be basic and get the steak from here. It is a little early, but I think I'm going to call it a day a little earlier than usual and head back to the hotel and get ready for my next flight tomorrow. The second place I'll be going to in south America is Peru.

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My day in Sweden

semi-overcast 14 °C

My last place I'll be heading to in Europe is Sweden. I'll be leaving the Madrid Barajas airport at 7;00am and it will take 4 hours to get there. Before getting to Sweden I know the climate is going to be completely different from any other places I've visited. The climate is going to go from hot and somewhat tropical to very cold and winter like. I'll be arriving at Sweden at 11am and will be staying at the Radisson blu waterfront hotel which is a 4.5-star hotel that has free WIFI and breakfast. The first thing I'm going to in Sweden is go to Liseberg. It’s an amusement park that is perfect for people of all ages. There is a regular park that just has rides like something like Canada wonderland. Then there is a waterpark for people who like that. After the theme park I'm going to try some authentic Swedish food. The best most authentic Swedish food I found was surprisingly from street trucks. apparently, they embrace the Swedish roots and make the most authentic Swedish food. So, I'm going to try this dish called Kalops, which is a beef stew with slowly cooked vegetables and spices. Once I'm done that, I'm going to continue my day. I'm going to go for a hike and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sweden. Once I'm done hiking, I'm going to eat dinner a little earlier because I have an activity scheduled for late at night. I'm going to be eating at Babette. It is a low-profile location but serves one of the best pizzas in the country, so that’s exactly what I'm getting. I decided to have a pizza along with a couple other Swedish dishes to pass the time until it's time for me to go to my most desired thing I wanted to do which is ghost walk in Stockholm. Stockholm is one of the most haunted places in the world because of its old history. There are rumors that there are spirits and ghosts around at all time. One of the stories to why it is so haunted is because of the horrible happenings during the Stockholm bloodbath. Once my tour is over its going to wrap up my day in Sweden and wrap up my adventure in Europe. The last continent I'll be going to is South America and the first place I'll be visiting is Argentina.

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