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My day in Mexico

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So after arriving at 7:45 pm yesterday in Mexico i deciuded to book my hotel at the Izla hotel, a 4.5 star hotel. It cost $212 Canadian to book for a 1 day stay. The hotel has free wifi and breakfast is included free of charge. I wake up the next day at 8 am nice and early to start me day in Mexico. After eating breakfast at the hotel i decide to go to Mexico city which has the most museum than any other place in the world. I decide to visit the most popular hotel which is the Frida kahlo house. I have decide to book my tickets online and in advance because if you dont good luck getting in. This musem is the home of Mexicos most famous and beloved artists but the best part about it is that it only cost $6 which is amazing considering the experince you get for such a low price. Once im done in the museum i am heading to one of the new & wonders of the world,Chichen Itza which is an ancient mayan city. The most remarable thing in Chicehn Itza is the Temple of Kukulkan, which id dedticated to the Mayan serpernt God.often referd to as the El Castillo { the castle} it is honestly an amzing sight to see. Now its lunch time and since im in mexico i have to try the tacos. There are taco trucks pretty much at every corner so might as well try a couple diffrent trucks since thier so cheap. Thats one ting about Mexico everything is really cheap but the quality you get is just unreachable from any other place. I decied to get 2 diffrent types of tacos, The more standord and original one with ground beef, salsa and cheese. The other one I got was very different. It had rice, beans and salsa, not your typical taco but still good. The last thing I decided to do before heading back to my hotel was go on a free walking tour to give me one final look on how Mexico looks and just to admire the views you get while on a free walk tour. My next destination ill be heading to is Jamaica

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