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My trip to Portugal

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So, I've arrived in Lisbon, Portugal and boy am I tired. I arrived at 5:10 am (Est) and the reason it's that early is because Portugal is 5 hours ahead so right now it's actually 10:10 AM. I'm staying in the Star inn Lisboa, which will cost $211. See in Portugal they use a different currency which is the Euro but I'm going to refer to everything in Canadian dollars just so it's easier to understand. This hotel included free WIFI and free breakfast, which seems to be the norm when visiting these other countries. This hotel is a 4-star hotel and is only 100 meters from the Lisbon international airport. There are 24 restaurants near which is great for when I want to eat and there is also 1 attraction near too which is Parque de vale do silence which is a beautiful park that you to just to relax and enjoy the nature of Lisbon. The first thing I'm going to do while I'm here is go to the ocenario de lisboa and I'm going to get the skip the line entrance ticket, which will cost $27.00 but it's well worth it considering I get to go underwater and witness firsthand the sea creatures that can be in the Lisbon waters along with petting the creatures as well. Once I'm done that, I'll be heading out for some lunch I've decided to eat at Cervejario Ramiro, Nicknamed the seafood temple, why you may ask? Well here they sell only fresh seafood caught directly in Lisbon waters. Here they sell things such as lobster, Crab oysters, clams and much more. So, I've decided to order the seafood platters which is a dish containing many different sea creatures. This platter is basically a sample of most if not all seafood they have in their restaurant. Now that I'm done eating I'm going to go visit a notorious Portuguese landmark which is the Torre De Belem. The tower has stood watch over the mouth of the Tagus River since its construction under the patronage of Saint John back in the 16th century. Now that I'm done viewing the tower I'm going to go the national museum of ancient art. Pieces here can range from pious sanitlydepictions by Nuno Goncalves to chiaroscuro portraiture by Josefa de Ă“bidos. Most of the canvasses date between the 16th and 19 centuries. Once I'm done exploring the wonderful art its getting late so I'm going to go to dinner. I'm going to be eating at Zazah, a place that specializes in traditional Portuguese food along with Mediterranean food and European food. Prices here range from 35$-$75 Canadian which is on the higher end side, but you have to give this place a try. Its 4.5-star review place for a reason. I've decided to get Bife a casa which is steak with an egg on top of it with some potatoes on the side drizzled with some beef stock gravy made Portuguese style. This is a must if you are going to eat anything Portuguese. Once I'm done ill head back to my hotel and continue my adventure around the world. The next place I will be heading to is Spain.

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