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My day in Spain

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I'm leaving Portugal and heading to Spain. My flight from Portugal leaves at 9:30 and it will take 1 hour to get there. Once I've arrived, I will be staying at the Artiem Madrid hotel. It is a five-star hotel and will cost $108 a night. The hotel included free WIFI and Free breakfast. The first thing I will be doing is watching a bullfight, a must do if you are visiting Spain. Once the Bullfight is over its close to lunch, so I'm going to eat. While searching online I found that I can eat this thing called Tapas and the best part is its free. In almost every bar they give you a Tapas with a drink, so my lunch is pretty much done now. After my lunch I still have so much time left in my day so I'm going to see the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. There are so many wonderful old buildings that are quite unique in general and to Spain. Once I'm done visiting the architecture, I'm going to visit an art museum since Spain is home to two important artist which are Pablo Picasso and Salvedor Dali. After the art museum I'm going to eat some gourmet food in San Sebastian. I usually like Spanish food so since I'm in Spain I'm going to dig in. In San Sebastian I'm going to eat a Spanish food called pinxtos. In San Sebastian there are so many Michelin-Starred restaurants that range from typical Spanish food too basic American food like Steak and fries but No matter what you get, it's going to taste fantastic. Now that I've sampled so amazing food, I'm going to go for dinner. I'm going to eat Paella in Valencia. A paella is a Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, ect, Cooked and served on a shallow pan. My day in Spain is coming to an end a little early because I did all I wanted to do in Spain and eat what I wanted to quickly. There are other things like Flamenco dancing but that doesn't interest me but there is plenty of other stuff in Spain that ca interest you. The next place I will be heading to is Sweden and that will end my tour in Europe.

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