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My day in Spain

sunny 18 °C

I'm leaving Portugal and heading to Spain. My flight from Portugal leaves at 9:30 and it will take 1 hour to get there. Once I've arrived, I will be staying at the Artiem Madrid hotel. It is a five-star hotel and will cost $108 a night. The hotel included free WIFI and Free breakfast. The first thing I will be doing is watching a bullfight, a must do if you are visiting Spain. Once the Bullfight is over its close to lunch, so I'm going to eat. While searching online I found that I can eat this thing called Tapas and the best part is its free. In almost every bar they give you a Tapas with a drink, so my lunch is pretty much done now. After my lunch I still have so much time left in my day so I'm going to see the architecture of Antoni Gaudi. There are so many wonderful old buildings that are quite unique in general and to Spain. Once I'm done visiting the architecture, I'm going to visit an art museum since Spain is home to two important artist which are Pablo Picasso and Salvedor Dali. After the art museum I'm going to eat some gourmet food in San Sebastian. I usually like Spanish food so since I'm in Spain I'm going to dig in. In San Sebastian I'm going to eat a Spanish food called pinxtos. In San Sebastian there are so many Michelin-Starred restaurants that range from typical Spanish food too basic American food like Steak and fries but No matter what you get, it's going to taste fantastic. Now that I've sampled so amazing food, I'm going to go for dinner. I'm going to eat Paella in Valencia. A paella is a Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, ect, Cooked and served on a shallow pan. My day in Spain is coming to an end a little early because I did all I wanted to do in Spain and eat what I wanted to quickly. There are other things like Flamenco dancing but that doesn't interest me but there is plenty of other stuff in Spain that ca interest you. The next place I will be heading to is Sweden and that will end my tour in Europe.

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My trip to Portugal

sunny 20 °C

So, I've arrived in Lisbon, Portugal and boy am I tired. I arrived at 5:10 am (Est) and the reason it's that early is because Portugal is 5 hours ahead so right now it's actually 10:10 AM. I'm staying in the Star inn Lisboa, which will cost $211. See in Portugal they use a different currency which is the Euro but I'm going to refer to everything in Canadian dollars just so it's easier to understand. This hotel included free WIFI and free breakfast, which seems to be the norm when visiting these other countries. This hotel is a 4-star hotel and is only 100 meters from the Lisbon international airport. There are 24 restaurants near which is great for when I want to eat and there is also 1 attraction near too which is Parque de vale do silence which is a beautiful park that you to just to relax and enjoy the nature of Lisbon. The first thing I'm going to do while I'm here is go to the ocenario de lisboa and I'm going to get the skip the line entrance ticket, which will cost $27.00 but it's well worth it considering I get to go underwater and witness firsthand the sea creatures that can be in the Lisbon waters along with petting the creatures as well. Once I'm done that, I'll be heading out for some lunch I've decided to eat at Cervejario Ramiro, Nicknamed the seafood temple, why you may ask? Well here they sell only fresh seafood caught directly in Lisbon waters. Here they sell things such as lobster, Crab oysters, clams and much more. So, I've decided to order the seafood platters which is a dish containing many different sea creatures. This platter is basically a sample of most if not all seafood they have in their restaurant. Now that I'm done eating I'm going to go visit a notorious Portuguese landmark which is the Torre De Belem. The tower has stood watch over the mouth of the Tagus River since its construction under the patronage of Saint John back in the 16th century. Now that I'm done viewing the tower I'm going to go the national museum of ancient art. Pieces here can range from pious sanitlydepictions by Nuno Goncalves to chiaroscuro portraiture by Josefa de Ă“bidos. Most of the canvasses date between the 16th and 19 centuries. Once I'm done exploring the wonderful art its getting late so I'm going to go to dinner. I'm going to be eating at Zazah, a place that specializes in traditional Portuguese food along with Mediterranean food and European food. Prices here range from 35$-$75 Canadian which is on the higher end side, but you have to give this place a try. Its 4.5-star review place for a reason. I've decided to get Bife a casa which is steak with an egg on top of it with some potatoes on the side drizzled with some beef stock gravy made Portuguese style. This is a must if you are going to eat anything Portuguese. Once I'm done ill head back to my hotel and continue my adventure around the world. The next place I will be heading to is Spain.

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My day in Mexico

sunny 20 °C

So after arriving at 7:45 pm yesterday in Mexico i deciuded to book my hotel at the Izla hotel, a 4.5 star hotel. It cost $212 Canadian to book for a 1 day stay. The hotel has free wifi and breakfast is included free of charge. I wake up the next day at 8 am nice and early to start me day in Mexico. After eating breakfast at the hotel i decide to go to Mexico city which has the most museum than any other place in the world. I decide to visit the most popular hotel which is the Frida kahlo house. I have decide to book my tickets online and in advance because if you dont good luck getting in. This musem is the home of Mexicos most famous and beloved artists but the best part about it is that it only cost $6 which is amazing considering the experince you get for such a low price. Once im done in the museum i am heading to one of the new & wonders of the world,Chichen Itza which is an ancient mayan city. The most remarable thing in Chicehn Itza is the Temple of Kukulkan, which id dedticated to the Mayan serpernt God.often referd to as the El Castillo { the castle} it is honestly an amzing sight to see. Now its lunch time and since im in mexico i have to try the tacos. There are taco trucks pretty much at every corner so might as well try a couple diffrent trucks since thier so cheap. Thats one ting about Mexico everything is really cheap but the quality you get is just unreachable from any other place. I decied to get 2 diffrent types of tacos, The more standord and original one with ground beef, salsa and cheese. The other one I got was very different. It had rice, beans and salsa, not your typical taco but still good. The last thing I decided to do before heading back to my hotel was go on a free walking tour to give me one final look on how Mexico looks and just to admire the views you get while on a free walk tour. My next destination ill be heading to is Jamaica

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My day in Jamaica

sunny 29 °C

Today I will be leaving my hotel in Mexico and heading to Jamaica. My flight leaves at 9;40am and will take 3 hours and 20 minutes to get there. The flight cost $731 which is a bit pricey for my liking but I'm going to Jamaica so its well worth it. Since there is no time difference from Mexico to Jamaica I don't have to worry about changing my sleep schedule to accommodate that. Ill be staying at the city view hotel which is $169 per night and has free wifi and free parking. It is a 4.5 star hotel although the pictures didn't look so appealing when I actually got in there it looked really good. Its now the afternoon so the first things I want to get down is visit the gorgeous beaches of Jamaica. I went to the fort Clarence beach and I stayed there for a good couple of hours to just relax and enjoy the outdoors om Jamaica. Once I'm done at the beach I'm heading to Devon house. This house belonged to the first ever Jamaican millionaire of African decent. It cost $68 for the tour. Its now getting close to evening and I'm starving I haven't really eaten much but my breakfast from Mexico. I'm going to go aunt merils fish place and what better place to get seafood than Jamaica. Here is seafood heaven. There is fish and chips, Fresh lobster, king crab and much more. I have decided to go with the traditional fish and chips and it was the best fish and chips I've ever eaten. it cost $16.50 which isn't bad at all and I would honestly come back again if I had more time. It is late and although I didn't get to do everything I hoped for like visit port royal I'm still happy with what I achieved in this short amount of time. The next place ill be heading to is Cub a and that will round up my adventure in North America. My flight is early in the morning which is why I came back to the hotel a little earlier than usual. I leave at 6:30 am and it would ussualy take 1 hour to get from Jamica to Cuba but in order to save a bit of money the fligt I'm on has 1 stop which will delay the trip by an extra 1 hour. Ill still arrive at 8:30 which is still good.

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My dream trip around the world

leaving Canada and heading to Mexico

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So today i begin my journey around the world to 3 different continents and 9 countries. I dont know how long ill be gone for but im assuming around 12 days maybe a little less. Im going to leave my home at around 7:30. Im bringing some clothing and money with me on my trip. Im bringing around $7500 Canadian on my trip to buy some souvenirs and any other items i may need.My flight leaves at l 11:50 am but it will probably take me an hour and a half to drive from my house to Pearson airport. I will arrive at 9 Am and ill pick up breakfast at the Tim Horton's in the airport. By the time my bags and checked and my passport is checked and all that they do in the airport ill be on my flight at 11:30 am. Its always good to be there Little bit earlier so you can get the seat you want and your not stressing if you are late.Flight cost $543 and ill be flying american airlines. The total time it will take is 8 hours and 45 minutes which is long but it is well worth it once im in the warm weather of mexico and escaping the cold climate of Canada.

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